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FPInterfaceMC Modules

Several add-on modules are available
to efficiently manage forest activities:

Operational Planning

The operational planning module is an interactive tool for establishing the sequence of forest activities to be able to supply the right wood at the right time to each client and mill, and visualize periodic wood flow. Based on the intervention plan, it helps organize activities so client needs are met. Using available data, such as those relating to productivity and the harvest schedule, the tool will automatically assign teams to cut blocks. Creating and updating the schedule make it possible to obtain a wealth of information relating to wood flow and inventory levels at all times.


The BiOS module helps estimate the cost of forest biomass delivered to processing mills, based on harvest scenarios. The flexibility of this tool enables it to assess the feasibility of recovering forest biomass for a given sector or manage biomass recovery activities. BiOS determines the recoverable biomass volume per species according to type of product (wood chips, bundles or bulk waste) and location (at stump or roadside). With this volume, you get an estimate of biomass recovery costs, calculated using productivity equations developed by FPInnovations. Lastly, BiOS evaluates for you the energy balance based on the calculation of all fuel consumed for supplying a mill-delivered product.

Value Chain

The Value Chain module is a revolutionary tool in the forest sector. Since it contains the Optitek software, developed by FPInnovations, the Value Chain module is able to establish the costs and income that will be generated by a cut block. You can therefore better schedule forest operations according to products sought by markets and also get the maximum value from every tree harvested.


MaxTour is a module that allows managers to oversee transport activities more efficiently. It is based on a principle that is simple but hard to apply in actual operations – combining loads of products to reduce the number of empty trips made by trucks. Using your data, MaxTour is able to optimize backhaul opportunities based on mathematical algorithms. Because of its flexibility, the MaxTour module can accurately reflect your transport logistics and thus help you optimize your transport activities.


The reforestation module helps calculate the net costs of the silvicultural work required to maintain and improve the productivity of forest stands. The reforestation module lets you model each of the reforestation activities. It can help you manage four types of silvicultural activities: regeneration, young stand maintenance, management of delimbing areas and site preparation. For each of these activities, you can obtain updated related costs using an updating function that gives you tomorrow’s costs today.