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Screen inside cab

Collecting information on the performance and productivity of equipment is key to productive and optimized operations. As the saying goes, you cannot change what you can’t measure.

FPDatTM is a tool designed to collect and analyze information on the performance and productivity of machines. It is a heavy duty device and therefore capable of withstanding difficult conditions such as those in which forest, mining and farming equipment operate. This computer collects and analyzes data on production activities then informs the operator and managers on performance, areas treated, productivity and real-time costs.

You can also use the MultiDAT system. It is the predecessor of FPDatTM and has been around for several years now, with over 3,000 units in use. Its simple and reliable technology makes it possible to collect information on machine use and geographical position, along with the codes explaining activities underway.

For further details on the MultiDATTM, please click on the following link: MultiDAT Web Site

Performance indicator display

The touch screen allows you to display performance indicators in real time. By being able to see the performance level in real time, you can quantify the impact of your decisions on performance and therefore on profitability.  

Capture of data relating to equipment use

FPDatTM is equipped with sensors to gathering the data required for calculating in real time the equipment’s level of usage. During production downtime, the operator enters a stop code using the touch screen. Since you know when the downtime occurred, how long it lasted and what the cause was, it is possible to review work procedures and methods in order to increase operational time.

Tracking of position

The FPDatTM‘s integrated navigation system enables it to determine and display in real time the spatial location of the equipment on which it is installed. FPDatTM can also display customized maps on the screen, which gives its position in real time in relation to activities planned, constraints and other machines working nearby.

Tracking of production

It is possible to enter into the FPDatTM its own measurement production parameters or any other relevant information. As a result, the operator can save information on the work achieved, depending on the type of operation performed. For instance, for each load, a forwarder operator could specify, for each load, the quantity and type of product that was unloaded at roadside, therefore making it possible to estimate the total volume transported for each product. 

Increased utilization rate

Is your equipment used to full capacity? That is an important question, since the sales of your company depend on the use of equipment. FPDatTM gives you this valuable information in real time. The analysis of working hours compared with non-productive hours makes it possible to increase the use of equipment and, consequently, income.

Motivated employees

Having clear productivity objectives and real-time results is a source of motivation and success for personnel. As an integral component of a continuous improvement process, FPDatTM is a tool to help employees work towards successfully reducing costs.

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